Silicone Grease

Advantages and benefits:

Silicone Grease is formulated as a Co2 resistant valve lubricant and sealant. It provides superior lubrication and sealing to valves exposed to Co2 and other adverse environments. It will not dissolve or wash out when exposed to Co2, H2S, crudes or other petroleum based fluids.

Silicone Grease is very cohesive and will not wash out under adverse conditions thus maximizing continuous valve sealing. It will allow continuous valve operation between extended lubrication intervals.

Silicone Valve Lubricant and Sealant does not contain residual solids such as bentonite or soap thickeners which build up in the valve body and interfere with valve operation.

Other properties:

Non- toxic, Suitable for food industry | Protects o’rings and plastic plastic washers | Highly waterproof and cannot be washed out