Open Gear Grease

Lubrication of Open Gears under High Pressure and Temperature

Advantages and benefits:

Most suitable for reliable supply of open gears, even at high circumferential speed. Very efficient through EP additives in association with a specific combination of solid lubricants and adhesive additives. Reliable protection of tooth flanks, even at high temperatures and with extended republication time. Excellent wear protection and pressure resistance.


Lubrication of open, half open gears, even outdoors; for highest contact pressure and low to high circumferential speed, e.g. for rotary kilns, ball mills, rotary barrel mixers, ball mills, rope winches or friction presses; also for guiding elements, slide bars, heavy transport chains and closed wire ropes; lubrication of rotating assemblies of convertors, cranes, crushers and dredges with spray or central lubricating systems; lubrication of heavily loaded gear couplings.