Jacking Grease

Advantages and benefits:

jacking grease is safe to use in offshore applications since it is metal free and it utilizes a water-resistant, clay thickener that is enhanced to improve adhesion and provide greater protection against water wash off, wear, and corrosion.

jacking grease contains specially selected solid bounding lubricants to provide outstanding galling resistance and lubrication properties. The solid boundary additives synergistically combine to produce a superior lubricating film with high-load and low-wear characteristics.

Excellent Environmental Properties High Load Resistance Water Resistant Corrosion Resistant | Biodegradable, does not bio-accumulate



jacking grease is designed to lubricate a wide array of heavily loaded gear applications. It can also be used on slides, jacking systems, cantilever type rigs and assemblies, nuts, bolts, and a wide range of other applications making Jacking Grease a nearly universal product.